VIP Family tour

Take your loved ones for a special holiday in Tampere Lakeland with our VIP Family tour. The tour is packed with fun, relaxation and exotic activities especially chosen for families. Discover the world’s most unique museums. Enjoy Finnish nature activities. Explore traditions of Finnish family life. Make unforgettable memories in Tampere, the best family destination in Finland. Our wide selection of activities provided by professionals is designed with care and tailored for your convenience.

VIP Family tour

Day in Nature

  • Start the nature day by learning ‘Nordic walking’ – a popular sports innovated by Finnish.

  • Take a journey deeper into beautiful forests, pick berries and enjoy a lunch by a camping fire.

  • Spend a cosy evening by the lake with fishing activities and Finnish Sauna.

Day of Finland 100

  • Experience time travel inside the old worker’s houses at Amuri.

  • Walk through the charming story of Tampere in the city centre.

  • Find the secret “safe haven” of Finland’s former president and hear a funny story about it. Visit a Park with natural open-air art displays.

Day of Fairy-tale

  • Get ready for an adventure in the world’s first Angry Birds Land!

  • Experience a real-life fairy tale in Doghill Park.

  • Step into the charming stories of Tove Jansson in the world’s only Moomin museum.

Day of Classic Sightseeing

  • Discover the traditional area of Pispala-hill and its beautiful wooden houses, narrow streets and the nature under your eyes.

  • Climb to a tower on the highest esker in the world with panoramic views and enjoy the best donuts in town.

  • Hope aboard on a 20-minute ferry ride to a recreational island called Viikinsaari for various family activities.

Day of Spectacles (option A)

  • Visit a spectacular medieval Castle with exciting stories of yore.

  • Fly together with your family high up to the sky with a hot air balloon and witness spectacular views of the Tampere region.

  • Notice that hot air balloon activity is very weather-sensitive.

Day of Fun (option B)

  • Visit countryside of Finland where the organic farms and the endless opportunities of fun things to awaits you.

  • Make your own wooden handcraft souvenirs in a workshop.

  • Live like a local – experience farm berry picking and Finnish family game.

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