Guide service

  • We are an energetic team with friendly guide style.

  • We are able to provide English, Chinese, and Cantonese as guide languages.

  • We are happy to offer guide services to our business partners and collaborators in Finland.


  • Our team owns in-depth knowledge and hands-on experiences with Chinese travelers and Finnish tourism services.

  • We are happy to offer marketing consulting and advice to our business partners and collaborators in Finland.

  • We help our customers understand the real needs of Chinese travelers and the trend of high-end Chinese travelers.


  • We offer Chinese localization service mainly to our business partners and collaborators who have plan to target Chinese tourists.

  • We take care of the localization for all marketing material.

  • We help our Chinese customers with document translation required for travel purpose.


  • We include quality accommodations in our tour packages.

  • The hotels and cottages are carefully selected and examined to present very Finnish way of life.

  • We make sure our customers stay comfortable in any type of accommodations we choose.


  • We include diverse catering in our tour packages.

  • We combine local delicacy with international cuisine.

  • For Asian travelers, authentic Chinese meals are included in the packages unless otherwise mentioned.


  • We use good quality and comfortable 9 seater minibus for transportation to make sure the best travel experience for our customers.

  • We make our customers’ travel convenient by providing pick-up at airport or railway station.

Other services

  • We proactively provide travel tips to our customers.

  • We help our Chinese customers with visa application without extra charge. 

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